Giorgio Buccellati

"When on High the Heavens..."

10. Sources


     This section of the website offers links to texts of primary sources on Mesopotamian (in Sumerian and Akkadian) and biblical literature (in Hebrew).
     The main goal of this section is to provide a direct link to original texts mentioned throughout the volume “When on High the Heavens...”, offering the transcription, transliteration, and English translation of document in Sumerian, Akkadian, and Hebrew.


     The section provides the full text of the Appendices of G. Buccellati's book “When on High the Heavens...”, offering both the transcription (both the syllabic transcription and the phonemic one) of the Akkadian texts (according to the sources chosen by the author, put on top of each Appendix) and their English transations (following G. Buccellati's own translation).
     The Appendices are here listed in their numerical order, as in the volume.
     For the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, we follow that of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia [BHS] (available on Tanakh Project).