The Land of the Four River Banks

Editor: Giorgio Buccellati
November 2018

"Four River Banks" – a cluster of websites
website reference book
methodology A Critique of Archaeological Reason – Cambridge, 2017
language A Structural Grammar of Babylonian – Harrassowitz, 2012
politics Alle origini della politica – Jaca Book, 2013
At the Origins of Politics – Routledge, forthcoming
literature Il pensiero nell'argilla – Jaca Book, forthcoming
Thought Enshrined in Clay – Routledge, forthcoming
art Le forme della fantasia – Jaca Book, in preparation
The Shapes of Phantasy – Routledge, in preparation
religion "Quando in alto i cieli..." – Jaca Book, 2012
"When on High the Heavens..." – Routledge, forthcoming

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The Critique website is currently open.
We plan to open the Religion and the Language websites on January 19, 2021.
The others are accessible with password for collaborators working on the project.
If you need access, please write to the editor.