Akkadian linguistics

Editor: Giorgio Buccellati
Associate editor: John L. Hayes
Assistant editor: Terri Tanaka

     This website provides an analytical coverage of studies in Akkadian linguistics.
     The structure of the website is organized around a central narrative as a frame of reference. This is currently provided by the book A Structural Grammar of Babylonian, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2012.
     Extended summaries, critical reviews, and topical essays are interlaced with each other and with the main narrative.
     An open forum includes a number of participants who contribute on a regular basis to the website.

     For a digital analysis of the primary data, in terms of graphemics and morphemics/syntax, see the parallel website Linguistic analysis of Akkadian.

     Current access is by password only.
If you are interested in the project please write to the editor.