Mesopotamian art and architecture

Editor: Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati

     This website offers an analytical coverage of the bibliography on Mesopotamian art and architecture, with special emphasis on style and perception.
     The structure of the website organizes the data around a central narrative as a frame of reference. For this first edition of the website, the core narrative is provided by the digital monograph Figurines and plaques. A volume by Giorgio Buccellati is also in preparation: Le forme della fantasia (Jaca Book) / The Shapes of Phantasy (Routledge).
     As with the other websites of the cluster, extended summaries, critical reviews, and topical essays are interlaced with each other and with the main narrative.

     An active forum includes a number of participants who contribute on a regular basis to the website.
     Current access is by password only. If you are interested in the project please write to the editor.