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The Land of the Four River Banks

Four Banks hub

Giorgio Buccellati – October 2019

The phrase “Four River Banks” was introduced around 2200 B.C.
by Naram-Sin, king of Akkad, to refer to what we call Mesopotamia.
The latter is a Greek term and concept (“land between the rivers”)
which was alien to the ancients who lived there.

“Four river banks” refers to the two banks of the Tigris and of the Euphrates respectively,
the “bank” being the starting point of the irrigation system
which characterized the territory from the middle course of the rivers down to the Gulf.
The term was introduced by Naram-Sin to refer to the new political reality
which his gandfather, Sargon, had started to implement and he had consolidated. is the hub of a cluster of six websites dedicated to five complementary aspects of Mesopotamian civilization: language, history, literature, art and religion; one more website deals with methodological issues. As such it serves as a portal that brings together the websites, an entry way that shows their commonality and interrelationship.

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